The Science Of Skin Care Products: Enzymes, Plant Stem Cells, Antioxidants And Vitamin C Are Key.

Skin care is one area that has been researched widely due to the number of problems presented by the skin. Aging is one of the most researched subjects in the area of skin care. Due to this a number of elements have been discovered. These elements have been proven to be very useful in bringing down the effects of aging on the skin. In this article we will analyze the elements present in the modern skin care products. There are a number of elements that have been used in the anti-aging skin care products. However, we would discuss about four basic elements viz, plant stem cells, antioxidants, enzymes and Vitamin C.


Enzymes are chemicals that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions without getting consumed in the process of reaction. There are a number of enzymes. In the skin care area there are two primary uses of enzymes- Exfoliation and Anti-inflammation. Certain enzymes work as powerful exfoliants and are gentler than other exfoliant products. Enzymes break down the keratin protein (dead skin cells).

Plant Stem Cells:

The use of plant stem cells in skin care products is the most revolutionary concept. Stem cells contain two important growth factors. These growth factors play a role in cell division, the growth of new cells and production of collagen and elastin; and proteins. Plant stem cells are used in skin care products as they help stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair it. With age exposure to sun, environmental elements and other factors may hamper the skin’s supply of key stem cells. This brings down skin renewal. Plant stem cells have the power to protect and restore the skin. It is argued that plant stem cells are more powerful than human stem cells. They are capable of withstanding different types of environmental stress. Hence, their presence in skin care products can help rejuvenate and stimulate the skin.


Antioxidants are chemicals that shield cells by neutralizing external forces including damage from harsh environments, and internal factors including emotions, metabolism and excess oxygen. These special chemicals aid in skin repair and strengthening of blood vessels. Antioxidants help combat free radicals. Antioxidants cream in skin care products help your body produce collagen and elastin. Antioxidant skin care formulas help in calming inflammation. They firm the skin and help in bringing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is the most essential element in skin’s natural production of collagen. It is a proven antioxidant and a glorified vitamin. Known as ascorbic acid, this natural skin rejuvenating vitamin is used in a number of skin care products. It brings down the appearance of wrinkles and helps enhance the overall look and health of your skin. It is one of the favorite ingredients of manufacturers producing anti-aging skin care products.

The research on skin care products is ongoing. New ingredients, that have positive effects on skin, are being discovered by each research. With time, we will have proven and effective ingredients that can transform the quality of your skin miraculously.


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