Top 5 Skin Care Products For Winter In Canada

Skin care is very essential to keep yourself glowing and beautiful. It adds to your overall beauty as a clean and healthy skin is a prerequisite to a beautiful personality. Skin care is not something that is done for some days and then the task is over. Skin care is a lifelong process that must be conducted on a daily basis. Skin pigmentation, skin tanning, acne, blemishes etc are some of the skin problems that pester the skin. Cleansing, toning, scrubbing etc must be done regularly in order to keep the skin rejuvenated and healthy.

There are a number of skin care products available in the market. These products can help you in keeping your skin problem-free. They also shield and protect your skin from influences of the changing environment. They help you provide sufficient nutrition to your skin. Just like every skin problem requires a different skin care product, every season calls for a change in skin care routine. Just like you cannot use skin pigmentation products for blemishes in the same way you cannot use the skin care products that you use during summer in the winter season. To tackle the prospective skin problems that may arise during any season you need different skin care products. To help you in your endeavour to make your skin look great, I present you the top five skin care products for winter in Canada.

Revive Cream By Derma Quest:

The number one product that stimulates collagen and elastin development is Revive Cream by DermaQuest. This deep penetrating silky cream is a perfect winter product as it helps you promote firmness, softness and elasticity. It works as a moisturizer and helps holding water to your skin.

DermaQuest K-Q10 Firming Cream:

The second on my list is the moisturizing and firming cream K-Q10. Packed with powerful antioxidants, it helps shield your skin from any environmental assaults and effects of aging. It helps in moisture retention and soothing your skin. Antioxidants, present in the cream, attack free radicals and enhance cellular functions. Hyaluronic Acid is the most effective ingredient that helps you keep your skin hydrated.

CreaVe’s Moisturizing Cream:

This moisturizing cream from CeraVe offers full-day moisturization even with a single application. Clinically proven to improve skin hydration, it enhances skin’s ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture. It restores the balance of lipids that are important to create an effective skin barrier. Helping prevent moisture loss, it keeps your skin from getting dry during harsh winters.

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer:

This natural moisturizer is an ideal formula to enhance skin smoothness during winters. It works two way; one by reducing water loss and other by holding water on the surface of your skin. This helps keep your skin hydrated and soft. Packed with unique ingredients, this Obagi product suits every skin type.

Celestial Moisturizer From Lush: Designed for sensitive skin, this perfect moisturizer works by softening the skin. Effectively moisturizing without any irritating ingredients, Celestial makes your skin look soft and glowing even during the harshest winters. It also works as a softening night cream for all skin types.


The Science Of Skin Care Products: Enzymes, Plant Stem Cells, Antioxidants And Vitamin C Are Key.

Skin care is one area that has been researched widely due to the number of problems presented by the skin. Aging is one of the most researched subjects in the area of skin care. Due to this a number of elements have been discovered. These elements have been proven to be very useful in bringing down the effects of aging on the skin. In this article we will analyze the elements present in the modern skin care products. There are a number of elements that have been used in the anti-aging skin care products. However, we would discuss about four basic elements viz, plant stem cells, antioxidants, enzymes and Vitamin C.


Enzymes are chemicals that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions without getting consumed in the process of reaction. There are a number of enzymes. In the skin care area there are two primary uses of enzymes- Exfoliation and Anti-inflammation. Certain enzymes work as powerful exfoliants and are gentler than other exfoliant products. Enzymes break down the keratin protein (dead skin cells).

Plant Stem Cells:

The use of plant stem cells in skin care products is the most revolutionary concept. Stem cells contain two important growth factors. These growth factors play a role in cell division, the growth of new cells and production of collagen and elastin; and proteins. Plant stem cells are used in skin care products as they help stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair it. With age exposure to sun, environmental elements and other factors may hamper the skin’s supply of key stem cells. This brings down skin renewal. Plant stem cells have the power to protect and restore the skin. It is argued that plant stem cells are more powerful than human stem cells. They are capable of withstanding different types of environmental stress. Hence, their presence in skin care products can help rejuvenate and stimulate the skin.


Antioxidants are chemicals that shield cells by neutralizing external forces including damage from harsh environments, and internal factors including emotions, metabolism and excess oxygen. These special chemicals aid in skin repair and strengthening of blood vessels. Antioxidants help combat free radicals. Antioxidants cream in skin care products help your body produce collagen and elastin. Antioxidant skin care formulas help in calming inflammation. They firm the skin and help in bringing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is the most essential element in skin’s natural production of collagen. It is a proven antioxidant and a glorified vitamin. Known as ascorbic acid, this natural skin rejuvenating vitamin is used in a number of skin care products. It brings down the appearance of wrinkles and helps enhance the overall look and health of your skin. It is one of the favorite ingredients of manufacturers producing anti-aging skin care products.

The research on skin care products is ongoing. New ingredients, that have positive effects on skin, are being discovered by each research. With time, we will have proven and effective ingredients that can transform the quality of your skin miraculously.

Are Anti Aging Skin Care Products Only For Women?

Skin care is one of the most important aspects for every woman. Whether she is a busy professional working in a MNC or a housewife jumping between household and managing children, every woman never leaves any efforts to make her skin look more glowing. However, because of age and wear and tear caused due to the harsh environmental changes the skin becomes dull and lifeless. Moreover with age the onset of wrinkles and fine lines can be clearly seen. Women have enough skin care products to take routine care of the skin. Currently, a lot of research is being conducted to discover or invent ingredients that help in bringing down the signs of aging. Efforts are being made to beat age and to make the symptoms of aging disappear. Anti-aging creams and cleansers have been invented to help people get glowing and ageless skin. Aging is a concept that is applicable not just to women but also for men. Previously the concept of skin care was not evolved and was limited to women. However, in the last five years we have been viewing an upsurge in the number of skin care products being introduced for men. Also, there is a rise in the number of anti-aging and skin care products being used by men.

During previous times, men used to neglect skin care. However, with increased awareness about skin care and the ramifications the present polluted environment is having on skin a number of skin care products were also introduced for men. Men in the glamour industry use them the most and almost all men wish to look great with a good skin and look. There is a huge difference in the quality of skin of men and women. Men have a thicker dermis and larger oil and sweat glands. These changes are mainly due to hormonal differences between the two genders. This makes it necessary that different skin care products be made for the two different genders. Due to differences in skin type there is also a change in the way the skin ages. This necessitates men to use skin care products that are designed especially for them.

Due to the difference in the skin type of men and women, manufacturers have come up with anti aging creams that are made especially to suit the needs of a man’s skin. Currently it is not just a masculine face that draws a woman to a man but it is the healthy skin that does so. Men also need skin care products because even their skin is subject to UV rays, environmental pollution, wind damage and other factors that have serious effects on the skin.

It has been a myth that anti-aging creams and other such products are designed only for women. The days are gone when only women apply creams or go for beauty treatments. These are the days when men go for beauty treatments and also apply anti-aging creams regularly. When we speak about equality between men and women even the area of personal beauty should not be ignored.

Ten Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Puffiness Under Eyes

During these days, when stress is taking its toll because of busy lifestyles a number of ramifications can be seen on the human body. A number of problems arise because of the stress caused due to huffing and puffing to complete the tasks on the To-Do list. One of the side-effects that are troubling the present generation is the presence of dark circles and an appearance of puffiness under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are a big concern for people who are beauty conscious. These circles snatch the beauty and freshness of the face only to make a person look ill. This has increased the popularity of pigmentation treatment. Dark circles under the eyes are caused mainly because of excessive fluid under the skin.

Owing to over-weeping tears flow towards the soft skin under your eyes. This causes dark circles. However, it would be wrong to assume that this is the only reason behind the formation of dark circles and puffiness. Hereditary traits, deficiency of iron and other important proteins, lack of sleep, infections etc can cause dark circles. Puffiness around the eyes can be caused due to allergies or a salt rich diet. Eyes are the windows to the world and reflect your inner beauty. The basic eye care includes the use of anti-oxidant eye cream. However, many prefer to go for pigmentation treatment. In this article, I present some of the tips to help you keep your eyes away from dark circles and puffiness through natural ways other than using antioxidant eye creams.

  • The most effective way to get rid of puffiness and dark circles is to correct your sleeping habits. Sleep on your back with a high head using a pillow. This helps in the right circulation of blood as well as fluids. This helps to get rid of puffiness of eyes as well as the fluid beneath the eyes.

  • Remove the entire eye makeup including eye-lashes and mascara before retiring to bed.

  • Exercise daily to enhance blood circulation in the face region. Yoga can stimulate your breathing and help you get a fresh skin.

  • Using an anti-oxidant eye cream can help a great deal. However, if you wish to use a natural way then you can use potato or cucumber on your skin and eyes. Leave them for half hour to get rejuvenated skin.

  • For combating puffiness around your eyes you must stay away from smoke and pungent smells.

  • Take a diet rich in green vegetables, vitamins and fruits. Take seasonal fruits along with vegetables.

  • Avoid taking too much stress as it leads to high blood pressure which eventually leads to dark circles. Slow down, live a relaxed life and meditate a lot.

  • One of the most common causes of eye puffiness is a diet rich in salty foods. Reduce your salt intake and increase your water intake.

  • The buildup of fluids around your eyes can also be reduced by application of something very cold such as chilled cucumber slices. Place them on closed eyelids for fifteen minutes or till they get warm. You can also use frozen tea bags as an alternative.

  • Quit smoking as it makes your blood vessels appear more prominent.

If you use all the measures above then there is a less need to go for a pigmentation treatment to treat the dark circles.

Are Skin Care Products Total Waste of Money? No

Skin care is one of the most essential routines that help you look great and confident. A problem-free skin depicts regular skin care routine. Skin care is essential to keep looking stunning even with increasing age. Continuous researches in the field have lead to the creation of a number of skin care products. The main focus is on anti-aging products. It is one of the most discussed subjects. Efforts are being made to extend the quality of skin for a prolonged period of time. For this a number of anti-aging creams, cleansers and treatments have been invented. Anti-aging creams help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They rejuvenate the skin cells and shield it from the prospective effects of aging. Anti aging face creams are being increasingly used by those in the fashion industry. However, who doesn’t want to look great? Every woman wants to look stunning and would never like her skin to show up her age. This has led to the growth in popularity of anti aging creams. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to claim that only women are crazy about skin care products. Even men are gradually moving towards the trend of including skin care in their routine.

With the rising demand for anti-aging creams a number of companies have come up with different anti-aging products. The market is replete with skin care products. One is often perplexed on whether to go for a skin care product or not. There is a wrong notion that washing the face thrice a day can keep the skin fresh and lively. This is not true. Skin needs special care and special ingredients so that it can get the required nutrition to maintain its luster. Anti aging face creams contain important and researched ingredients that help in tackling the increase in wrinkles and fine lines. However, not all anti-aging face creams on the market contain genuine ingredients.

While it is true that your skin requires the treatment of anti-aging creams, it is also true that one must not go by the product having the lowest price. An anti-aging cream must be selected wisely. Going for any random anti-aging cream without inquiring in detail about the ingredients will do more harm than good to your skin. It may also deprive your skin of the natural oils present in it. Hence, it is very important to consider the quality of the best anti-aging cream before proceeding to buy them.

Skin care products do work and have positive effects on your skin provided you select the right brand of anti-aging creams. Not only selection is important, these creams must be applied according to the instructions stated in the product manual. Sometimes wrong way of applying or applying at an inappropriate time may not give you the desired results and you may end up thinking that the product isn’t working which is not true. Choosing the right product, applying it on time, using it regularly and following the do’s and don’ts mentioned in the product manual are some of the most important ways to make a skin care product work.

Antioxidants Are Definitely Not Overrated

Your healthy skin cells get shielded from any harm via antioxidants. A healthy diet which includes vegetables, fruits and grains can provide you a good supply of antioxidants. Antioxidants gained through fruits and those gained through antioxidants don’t have the same effects. Antioxidant creams do work. However, it is wise to analyze all the product claims and go through the user reviews before purchasing an antioxidant cream.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidant is a substance that can stop free radicals from damaging healthy cells of electrons. There are different types of antioxidants including beta-carotene (as Vitamin A) and Vitamin C and E. Consuming antioxidants from a long time can help prevent the formation of free radicals. However, nothing provides 100 percent results.


How Do They Work?

Antioxidant creams may bring down the oxidative process of free radicals. Free radicals can cause injury to cells. When there are oxidants produced in the body, another protective measure is employed by it. Free radicals act as soldiers that attack and terminate a number of microorganisms. With the production of free radicals the body needs to manage the left-over unpaired electrons floating in the body. When there is no bacterial attack, these free radicals may damage healthy cells.

Skin aging gets fastened when skin is exposed to sunlight and other harsh environments. Anti-aging products aim to bring down the consequences of aging on the skin. They aim to bring down the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. These creams serve as hydration barrier for a naturally drying skin. However, some creams work to deliver a smooth and a toned appearance to your skin.

Effective skin care involves using skin care products that help in preventing and reducing general skin complaints. For instance, retinol (Vitamin A) is utilized in creams which are designed to bring down inflammation and enhance skin texture. Vitamin C is also used by manufacturers of creams aiming to reduce UV damage. A number of anti-aging products are made for multi-purpose solutions.

Do Antioxidant Products Work?

If there is a adequate supply of antioxidants, then they can help fight aging skin cells. Antioxidants in the form of skin creams can help your skin look great and wrinkle-free. Also, consumption of healthy foods that contain antioxidants can also help you enhance the beauty of your skin. If you use the right antioxidant product it can penetrate the upper layers of dermis and epidermis to terminate the unpaired electrons. This may also help in avoiding the formation of free radicals. However, it is important to use these creams on a regular basis to view the results. Involving the use of antioxidant cream in your daily skin care routine can give you the desired results.

Using the cream occasionally and as per your convenience, will got give you the desired results. It is important not only to use the creams on a regular basis but it is also essential to include fruits and vegetables, which come loaded with antioxidants, in your diet plan. Exercise, a healthy diet plan and regular use of antioxidant cream along with skin care is the ultimate recipe for a beautiful skin.

Stem Cell Cleanser and Stem Cell Cream Can Work Wonders


Skin care is highly essential in order to reflect the true beauty of an individual. A person with an attractive skin looks pleasing. A clear skin makes you feel great and proud. Skin care is an essential regimen which must be followed on a daily basis. With the improvement in technology and more skin research being conducted, there are several innovative skin care products introduced on the market. Different companies are manufacturing products with special peptides and enzymes or plant stem cells. These can be applied topically to shield the human skin stem cells from damage or to augment the skin’s own stem cells.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the cells within the human body that are capable of regenerating into new tissue. Stem cells are present in various places within the body like the bone marrow or within the deeper layers of your skin. They can regenerate themselves and differentiate into any type of tissue (bone, cartilage, nerve, muscle, etc.) that is required based on the environment. Stem cells play an important role in skin care, tissue engineering, and some neurological disorders. Stem cells may also be used for facial rejuvenation by the way of harvesting stem cells within the human body.

Utilizing cutting edge and innovative technology, stem cell skin cleansers and creams have been invented. Stem cell cleansers provide your skin with a healthy, beautiful and youthful appearance. Some stem cell cleansers have plant stem cells while others utilize stem cell extracts as the main ingredient. Stem cell cleansers and creams stimulate the process of collagen formation and other peptides within the skin to enhance its elasticity and texture.

stem cell cleanserThe stem cell Treatment, cleansers and creams are made using high-performance active biotechnology ingredients along with plant derived molecules that deliver powerful anti aging and healing benefits. These cleansers and creams are a result of innovation in the skin care technology and research. Stem cell cleansers contain multiple ingredients that work synergistically to provide outstanding results. Many of the company’s stem cell products including creams and cleansers that are tested for safety by renowned independent labs. The stem cell skin care products can help you combat aging and help you look young again.

Boosting the energy within the cells, these products nurture the stem cells in your skin. Not only they rejuvenate your skin but also bring down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Created with ultra modern technology, these creams and cleansers may help you get rid of that aged appearance. You may experience improved luminosity of the skin and can restore a youthful look that makes heads turn. However, it is important to use these stem cell creams regularly and for a long duration of time to see its magical effects on your skin. Stem cell cleanser and creams support the body’s natural ability of the cells to get renewed and rejuvenated. Use these stem cell cleansers and creams to get a young look free of wrinkles and fine lines.